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Softness, lightness, comfort... the brand cultivates its bohemian spirit full of poetry. For each collection Louise Misha dives into found objects to conceive each piece favoring natural materials like cotton linen and silk.

Louise Misha really value the fact each of its pieces are unique. Hand-made embroideries, bright colored pompons, macramé… The brand is always looking to valorize artisanal knowhow and handmade to represent its identity and give a little bit of soul to each piece. 

In love with tradition and local craft around the world, Marie, the designer, takes inspiration from her own travels, and what and who she encounters along the way.

Clothes are made in India, Italy and China. Jewelry is handmade in Louise Misha workshop in Paris and an artisanal workshop in India. Socks and tights are made in France, and the baskets in Morocco. Fabrics are selected each season with lots of care in India, China and France.

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